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What's in Slime? Atoms, Molecules, and Science!

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

In simple terms, slime is a mixture made of PVA glue and borax water or contact-lens solution that creates the blob that we know and love. However, how does two liquids form a half solid, half liquid form?

Here's how! Slime is a polymer. Polymer is made up of very large chains of molecules, and it is formed when you mix PVA glue and slime activator (the main ingredients in slime) together. Borax water or contact-lens solution (These are called Slime activators) change the position of the molecules in the glue in a process called cross-linking which creates the fun and relaxing blob that we call slime!

Tell you parents that you know the science behind making slime! They will be impressed!

Check this video out by Tidlybit for a more in-depth explanation for the scientist in you!

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